Alexa, in a purple winter coat, stands in front of a beach

Hi! My name is Alexa. I’m an Associate Member of Technical Staff at LeafLabs, where I design electrical hardware for a wide range of industries and applications.

I previously worked on Formlabs’s electrical engineering team designing hardware and firmware for next-generation SLA printers, and, before that, interned on NVIDIA’s consumer products team.

I hold a degree from the Cooper Union in electrical engineering and minors in computer science and philosophy, history, and society. In my time in undergrad, I did research Dr Mili Shah at the Cooper Union in MiliLab in hardware and computer vision, for which I won a Goldwater scholarship, and at New York University with Dr Javad Shabani in quantum computing hardware.

My professional interests include hardware engineering, circuit and system design, engineering ethics and policy, and climate. In my free time, I am a rower, cyclist, polyglot, an avid reader, and a bread baker.

Contact me by email here. Feel free to get in touch if you have questions about my work or want to see my resume.