Benchmarking Josephson Junctions for Quantum Computing

For senior project, worked with researchers at Cooper Union and at NYU’s Shabani Lab for Quantum Devices to measure characteristics of transistors, to aid in verification of quantum systems. See blog post here with more information.

Open-Source and Inexpensive Motion Capture System using Microsoft Kinect

With the Cooper Union Autonomy Lab, I am furthering work to build an inexpensive motion capture system using Microsoft Kinect cameras.

Temporary COVID-19 Ventilator

Working with a team from Columbia University, we designed a makeshift ventilator for COVID-19 patients in the event of a serious ventilator shortage. I designed electronics and wrote the controls code.

Pitch Theremin: Sophomore Projects

As part of ECE291 at The Cooper Union, my group built a pitch theremin, an ethereal instrument that is played without being touched, using oscillators, envelope detection, a low-pass filter, and a speaker. I implemented the changes from the provided schematic (notably, implementing voltage followers to prevent loading effects from the capacitive coupling).

The Dinosaur Game: Digital Logic Design Final Project

My partner Hadassah Yanofsky and I built a version of Google Chrome’s Dinosaur Game using only 40XX series CMOS chips. I was responsible for the random obstacle generation and the display.

Cooper Union Motorsports

Cooper Union’s FSAE team is a group of student motorsports enthusiasts who design, build, test, and race a Formula One-style racecar in Brooklyn, Michigan every year. As a member of the aerodynamics subsystem, I laid the groundwork for future teams to implement a Drag Reduction System, projected to decrease drag by 50%, which will greatly ameliorate the team’s times particularly in the acceleration and skidpad events. I also performed carbon fiber layups, built frame prototypes for driver fitting, and managed two sponsorship accounts worth over $2,000.

Refugee in Flight Shelter Kit

Current UN refugee camps are underfunded, and the shelters are difficult to erect, stationary, and unsustainable since they are made of plastics. RiFSK, the Refugee in Flight Shelter Kit, aims to create a biodegradable, portable, waterproof, easily-buildable shelter made of locally-sourced materials to accomodate a woman and two children. I worked on the distribution and manufacturing group to design a mobile manufacturing process that can adapt to deliver the kits to where they’re needed most.

Plant-Powered Solar Cell

As part of the Travail Personnel Encadré (TPE, translated: Directed Personal Projects) required of 11th graders in the French education system, two partners and I built a photosynthetic solar cell based off of the Graetzel Cell. In order to communicate our results, we wrote a lab report, produced a podcast episode, and wrote and edited a magazing about contemporary issues in solar power, all in French and all of which we defended to science teachers from other French schools in the Northeast.