Designing an Open-Source Baseboard to Empower Hardware Makers

I recently gave a talk on the design process for My Jetson Nano Baseboard, my intern project over the course of my two summers working at NVIDIA. I’ve included the slides below. I chose to discuss this project because it is the most large-scale project I’ve worked on, and I was able to develop skills from the beginning to the end of the product design process.


NVIDIA’s Jetson Nano is a popular product for developers who want to get started with AI on a small scale, and it is making AI learning accessible at a low price point.

Makers are excited to take the device’s capabilities further, but few hardware design resources exist. This project provides an open-source example board with accessible cost and complexity for makers to kickstart their own projects. Over the course of my internships, I gathered requirements, designed a schematic and layout, validated, debugged, and released this board on GitHub. The following slides are a deep dive into some of the technical challenges faced and design decisions made.